First Tools

I began my learning by doing some googling and looking for tools and apps to help me to learn. Here are the two apps/websites that got my foot in the door. I recommend both of them:

Kuesuto Rating: 8.8

This site is outstanding, as is the mobile app. The premium membership is $9 a month, but honestly it does not add enough features to the app to make it worth while.

The Japanese 101 lesson is great and exposes you to Hiragana right off the bat, then it gradually mixes in Katakana and Kanji as you progress.

Dr Moku
Kuesuto Rating: 7.3

Thank you Dr Moku!

This app is pretty fun and definitely helped me to memorize the first 46 Hiragana characters. It associates them with pictures or ideas which help you to remember them.

You pretty much need to buy the app in order to open up all the characters, but it is only $3, worth it.

If you are too cheap to buy this, no need to worry. Just use the Kuesuto Hiragana Flashcards, QED!


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