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Hiragana Romaji English
わたし watashi I
(formal for males, normal for females)
ぼく boku I
(normal for males)
かれ kare he
かのじょ kanojo she
あなた anata you
これ kore this (noun)
ここ koko here
この kono this
(descriptive - ex. this pen)
それ sore that (noun)
そこ soko there
その sono that
(descriptive - ex. that pen)
ひと hito person
いぬ inu dog
ねこ neko cat
いえ ie house
ありがとう arigatou Thank you. (normal)
ありがとう ございます arigatou gozaimasu Thank you. (formal)
どういたしまして douitashimashite You're welcome. (normal)
おはよう ohayou
(sounds like "Ohio")
Good morning. (informal)
おはようございます ohayou gozaimasu Good morning.
(normal and formal)
こんにちは konnichiwa Hello. (normal)
こんばんは konbanwa Good evening. (normal)
さよなら sayonara Goodbye. (normal)
がんばってください gambatte kudasai
(can also be written "ganbatte kudasai")
Hang in there
きをつけてください ki o tsukete kudasai
(can also be written "ki wo tsukete kudasai")
Be careful, Take care